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Supporting remote student enrolment

EduClick is the new app from OneVoice Digital that will allow enrolling students to submit passport-style photographs and verify their identity remotely.

Removing the need for crowded campuses, long and impractical socially distant queuing systems or complicated enrolment rotas, with just a few clicks EduClick allows students to take a photo and send it to their institution for use on ID.

Asking students to send you photos to you directly could mean a number that aren’t appropriate for professional student ID and EduClick has been designed to do all that work for you.

The app contains clear, concise, instructions to ensure photos are of a sufficient standard for use on ID and eliminates the need for face to face enrolment this summer, minimising risk removing the risk to both students and staff alike.

And you don’t have to worry about verification issues. EduClick will cross-check the photograph against a range of other ID such as passport, driving licence, birth certificate or household bill, meaning it’s not only reliable, but accessible and inclusive to as many students as possible.

  • On acceptance of a place, students are notified by their institution  to download the EduClick app.
  • Students will then follow a simple step by step guide to take a photo which is then checked against ID criteria.
  • Once the image is verified, institutions will then be able to access the photos and print ID cards ready for the start of term.