Reaching out to your students via Push Notifications

One of our latest developments for improving user engagement was the launch of push notifications the beginning of this year. Push notifications are an excellent tool for reaching out to your students, bringing their attention to key messages and encouraging a follow through action as a result.

We have worked with several Unions in piloting the push notification feature so far and it’s yielded great results. See below for example notifications sent from a few Unions to date, all with significant click through rates.

Reading SU

One of the UK’s most promising acts over the last 12 Months Holy Goof – DJ and Producer takes to 3Sixty stage alongside local/resident dance DJ’s.

9.30% click through

Durham SU

Celebrate the New Year by joining a new student group. Browse over one hundred stalls at the Re-Freshers’ Fair to find your niche.

3.97% click through


Complete our quick SU survey and have the opportunity to win £300. Help us prioritise our work for the next 4 years to ensure we continue to support UCLan students

22.18% click through

As TOTUM we have also seen high user engagement since launching the initiative. One of our first trials was for a Nintendo Switch Lite giveaway, producing a 13.66% click-through rate on a send to 97k users. These success rates go all the way up to 25.98%, meaning that in this single push notification we successfully got over a quarter of these users to engage with the TOTUM App.

Across all the push notifications managed to date at TOTUM and across SUs, a clear call to action or incentive or reward almost guarantees high user engagement. In light of the recent pandemic it is our immediate intention to help you support and reach out to students more than ever and  therefore actively encourage you to use push notifications to reach out to your students for any important messaging. We will continue to analyse the push notification data with the aim to soon provide you with a thorough breakdown on all the key criteria in sending the best push notifications, including advice on send frequency, time of sends, message types etc.

It is also worth noting and reminding that the digital reward incentive is  based upon students accessing and engaging with the TOTUM app a minimum of 12 times per quarter, and another advantage to  the push notification is that it can also help you increase the number of app engagements per students.

We realise we all have a tough job on our hands temporarily adapting to be a more virtual world but for those business as usual items that you still need to deliver on, push notifications are a key tool that can form part of your solution to effectively reach out to your student audience.

Upload your push notifications here now!