The TOTUM Incentive Scheme – Designed to Reward You (27/02/2020)

In July 2019, TOTUM (under OneVoice Digital) proudly launched the TOTUM Incentive Scheme – a rewards system designed to give you the benefits you deserve for connecting your users with TOTUM and building a more inclusive educational community.

Our Incentive Scheme is centred around rewarding engaged users – those who are regularly using the TOTUM App not just for discounts but to find out about institutional events, elections, societies and more. We have done this because our ethos is community focussed, and while we want students and staff to find the best deals, we also want to help them engage on a deeper level with the educational environment.

So, on top of a continuing basic commission rate, the real reward begins when your users are fully engaged with the TOTUM App. In the first two quarters since starting this scheme we have seen an average return of £8.40 per engaged user[1], which can continue to grow for up to 3 years through a single TOTUM membership!

Outlined below are the two components to the TOTUM Incentive Scheme. This is designed to help you familiarise yourself with the scheme and to demonstrate how we can help you reach your engagement goals.


  1. Smart Adoption Reward

The Smart Adoption Reward is a basic commission rate which is paid monthly, currently set at 12.5% per membership. This rate will be set until June 2020 to allow you the opportunity to build your marketing campaign with TOTUM.

As a certain amount of card revenue will be ringfenced for the Digital Engagement Reward (explained below), the greater the revenue created through membership uptake, the greater the proposition pot will be this reward.


  1. Digital Engagement Reward

While the previous commission system encouraged you to drive sales, TOTUM now encourages you to push for an increased sense of community within your organisation. In order to promote a sense of engagement, support and inclusivity, you will be rewarded according to how ‘digitally engaged’ each of your users are.

A user is considered ‘Digitally Engaged’ if they hit the following criteria:

  • Have downloaded the TOTUM app and verified themselves as belonging to your Students’ Union or your associated institution.
  • Viewed a content item at least 12 times over the quarter. A content view could be a TOTUM negotiated discount, a local deal you have negotiated (which we hope you can add to your media inventory), a club/society or an event listing (these types of listings can be populated

[1] Please see ‘Digital Engagement Reward’ for details of what constitutes an Engaged User.


  • automatically from UnionCloud, TOTUM Community or, in many cases if you are tied to an alternative membership management system, TOTUM Gateway.)

As a result of our focus moving away from sales, we can now collaboratively work to improve the quality of the user experience. This means that even ‘Lite’ users without a purchased membership will be eligible for the digital engagement reward. Whether you are part of a University with 10,000 students or a school with 100, you will be rewarded according to the percentage of students you can ‘digitally engage’.


How can you improve your Digital Engagement?

There are several ways that you can improve digital engagement through the TOTUM App and increase your income. We have outlined these below:

  • List all your events, such as refreshers/elections/varsity
  • Add other local events run by your institution or in your area
  • Promote all your student groups
  • Increase online and offline promotion with links back to the app
  • Upload local offers
  • Use coupons to drive traffic to your union building or office (A good example of this is Derby College’s reusable cup incentive which you can take a look at here:
  • Submit push notifications to remind users what’s available

Additional incentives for UnionCloud users

Finally, we have introduced an additional incentive for UnionCloud users. Institutions who are a part of this scheme can enjoy discounts on license fees of up to 100% with a reward linked to the same digital engagement calculation as for TOTUM. In this scheme everybody will immediately qualify for a minimum 20% retrospective reward, paid quarterly, providing that you adhere to the same qualification criteria.




While it is still early days, we have found that over the last 2 quarters institutions have seen an average return which already far surpasses the previous NUS flat rate of £4.70. It is important to note that as the user base grows and the incentive pot is spread between more organisations, we may not be able to promise such high individual returns. However, this scheme has been designed to reap more than just revenue from TOTUM and we hope that you can join us on the journey to creating a more unified, supportive and engaged user experience!