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UnionCloud - Creating Connections

Creating Connections

With UnionCloud you can manage your entire digital presence with ease. Supercharge every interaction with sharper strategies, having harnessed the power of data.

Easily run your elections, create/manage clubs and societies and target specific students with powerful dynamic user groups.

Thanks to our historic link with NUS; UnionCloud is built in such a way that all staff can manage online tasks and resources extremely easily, no matter what level their IT skills are.

  • A robust digital membership hub; easy to track student engagement and manage all your services online seamlessly
  • Develop the support you offer to students with limitless easy to use integrations, supported by us
  • Access and freedom to design a truly bespoke site independently or with our support
  • A first class election system with proven high voter turnouts and student engagement
  • A support team dedicated to delivering you the best support and service in making the most of the UnionCloud product
  • Help students participate in college life and support their community through Group memberships, event tickets and Volunteering
  • Grow the presence of your students’ Union/Association through articles, connecting with your social media and communications
  • A Student Reps System at your fingertips via Digital rep, ideas & petitions and elections
  • A support team dedicated to delivering you the best support and service in making the most of the UnionCloud product
  • Effectively manage memberships and track user engagements, great for impact reporting
  • Keep members up to date with latest updates, through articles and resources
  • Expand with sub sites to link, but separate any other arms of the charity or business
  • Ability to gain feedback and ideas from members with evoting functionality
  • Ability to enable members to manage and maintain their own groups with their own chat feature and configurable access to manage their own CMS
  • Expand your member offering with, e-ticketing for events, online merchandise through an eshop and volunteering opportunities

Case Study: Chester Students' Union

Alice James, Head of marketing at Chester SU had this to say about working with us:

Migrating to a new website can always feel an unsettling time for Unions. To implement a site during a global pandemic was extremely ambitious to strive for! With the hard work and support of the UnionCloud team our new website is live and we love it.

Working with UnionCloud felt organic and effortless. As a small, stretched team we received so much professional expertise, support and guidance during what should have been a challenging time. Thank you to everyone at UnionCloud.

Chester SU Website

UnionCloud Features

  • Elections

    Run every one of your elections online, efficiently and effectively.

    No matter what type of election it is – course representatives, NUS delegates, officers – manage categories, positions and the event itself from one platform.

    Before voting even begins, guarantee every stage runs smoothly with the help of this tool. Promote elections and schedule automated email reminders for students to ensure good turnouts. Set parameters to ensure only the relevant people are voting. Monitor live statistics anywhere, anytime. And once voting is over, assess the results.

  • Clubs & Societies

    Manage hundreds of groups, clubs and societies in an intuitive and simple way. 

    Give societies the power to manage and update their own webpages. Or retain full control of this for yourself – manage membership in a way that’s tailored to you and your organisation.

    Allow clubs and societies to create subsites that’ll broaden your site’s appeal and enrich the digital experience. Using these subsites they can then add their own content, post announcements, share news, list events, sell tickets for these and email their members.

    Giving your students the content they crave and connecting with them has never been simpler.

  • Website Builder

    Build and manage a consistent, effective and mobile-friendly site with ease – one that totally reflects your institution.

    From front end drag-and-drop editing to back end design and development, this user-friendly, flexible tool makes keeping everything up-to-date simple.

    Even those with minimal digital expertise will find uploading content, creating subsites, adding pages, links and widgets straightforward. And for those with more experience, editing in HTML is also possible.

  • Student Voice & Digital Rep

    Give your students a voice. Discover what they have to say in the click of a button.

    Create an online space for them to put views forward, start petitions and support the issues they consider important.

    Give power to course reps with Digital Rep, so they can manage course feedback directly with students.

    With these tools you have the opportunity to connect with and realise your students’ visions. It’s up to you how you use this connection to achieve goals.

  • Events

    Flexible ticketing options that can be adapted for all events and spaces.

    Promote events, schedule sales and sell tickets. Set up multiple ticket types for a single event. Schedule start and end dates and times for when these go on sale. Limit availability according to capacity. Produce tickets that can be redeemed with a barcode. Configure questions that’ll help gather extra data when a student selects an event.

    And pull all this data into reports that can be tailored, making monitoring events, measuring success and developing future strategies simpler.

  • Email Marketing

    Connect digitally with students in a way that’s simple and smooth.

    Create your own emails using basic text or HTML. Set specific criteria to identify suitable recipents, ensuring your mailing lists target relevant audiences with tailored communications.

    After sending a communication, gather data – emails sent, delivered, bounced, opened, clicked etc. – to help measure success and assess potential areas for improvement.

  • Volunteering & Skill Building

    Connect your students with opportunities to learn new skills quickly and seamlessly.

    Enable external organisations to register with your institution and identify skill areas they can help develop. Give them the ability to upload and manage their own information. Sift, approve and promote only what suits your students, ensuring you offer the highest quality opportunities from reputable organisations.

    Allow students to register and list skills they want to develop for themselves. Match them more effectively with organisations offering what they’re after. Utilise the tool’s capacity for students to record their own time and evidence skills (if it suits your Union) to help them stand out from the crowd.

    Because one tool manages all of this, you can reduce the amount of time and resource it takes to give your students the very best development opportunities.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Run reports on every aspect of your digital Union’s performance using this tool.

    Produce post-activity charts, real-time statistics and shape dynamic KPIs on events, communications, engagement, sales – your institution’s entire online activity.

    Compare different datasets. Dig deeper into analysis with the ability to view demographic breakdowns. Report overall results or set specific parameters. Use your data. Bring it together in a meaningful way to easily and quickly make the bigger picture clearer.

  • Eshop

    Give students the chance to purchase the products they want wherever, whenever to generate revenue that sustains and maximises your institution’s potential.

    Sell products, memberships and tickets online simply with the Eshop module. Sell merchandise, generate and record sales all in a smooth and simple way. Manage product categories, orders, promotions, sales, shipping charges and more in one place.

    When it comes to selling memberships, product and tickets, set up an online shop and open up a world of retail opportunities.

  • API & Single Sign On

    UnionCloud has it’s own poweful API for you to manage all the data that sits within the platform. 

    You can use the API to transfer student data automatically to ensure full GDPR compliance. In addition, we can impliment Single Sign On to make student sign in extremely simple, increasing engagement with things like elections.

    Or use it to pull off events and groups into your own custom design, the power is in your hands!

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